Fresh to our door…

Our tapas are prepared here on the premises by our team of talented chefs. We are fussy about the ingredients we use and are constantly on the lookout for better ones. We have very little storage space, and for this reason, as well as from choice, we operate a “just in time” supply policy, which means all of our supplies are delivered little and often, so they are as fresh as we can get them.

When choosing new products and suppliers, we ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Does it taste good?
  2. Does it come from a proper, sustainable and certified source?
  3. Can the cleanliness, freshness, sustainability, consistency and regularity of the supply be guaranteed?
  4. Can we prepare it and sell it at a price our customers want to pay?

We prefer either local (Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire) or authentic Spanish imported produce. We use organic produce if it tastes better and can be readily sourced.

Spanish speciality produce:

We wouldn’t be a Spanish tapas bar without our jamones, embutitdos and quesos variados. Most of our specialist cured sausages and hams, cheeses, anchovies, olives, olive oil and other conserved produce is supplied by Mevalco – Fine Foods from Spain, based in Bristol. Owner David Menendez is a former veterinary inspector who retains his links with small independent farms and highly values animal welfare and quality production by traditional methods. We also buy selected produce from Brindisa in London and Delicioso in Abingdon.

The main suppliers we are currently using are listed below:

Fresh Meat: Walter Rose & Son


Based in Devizes this award winning family butcher also supplies to the catering trade and delivers to us every day. They source meat mainly from Wiltshire farms, but also from London and the French markets. All of the chicken we use is free range and our pork, lamb and beef is outdoor reared.


Fresh Fish: New Wave Seafood


Based in Fairford, New Wave deliver fresh and some frozen fish to us every day. All of their fish is sustainably sourced and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Most comes overnight direct from the fishing ports in Cornwall and Devon, with some shellfish from Dorset and sustainably farmed fish from Scotland.

Fruit and Veg: Heritage Fine Foods

As it’s name suggests, this Devizes company delivers fine fruit, vegetables and other essential catering supplies across Wiltshire, to schools, pubs and restaurants. They source seasonal produce locally from Wiltshire farms, also shopping in the markets in London and Paris for specialist items.

Bread: Hobbs House Bakery


We like a style of bread that will complement rather than compete with the flavours of our tapas and with a texture suited to soaking up all the lovely oils and sauces from the dishes. We’re currently using a 10% rye sourdough loaf from artisan bakers Hobbs House in Bristol, which takes 48 hours to prove and bake.

Eggs: Purton House Organics


The Spanish are quite rightly very fussy about the freshness, flavour and quality of their eggs and so are we! That’s why we use only fresh organic eggs from just up the road at Purton House. This makes a real difference to our tortillas and revueltos.

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