Christmas 2016

Christmas has crept up on us once again but we’re ready for it. We’ll be open as normal up to Christmas Eve, when, despite it being Saturday, we will take reservations up until 7.30. The kitchen will serve food until 8.30 and we’ll close a little early at 10.00 pm. This will give us all time to go and confess our sins and prepare the Christmas feast… before then we’ve Christmas party fixed price menus available for the larger groups who want to celebrate with us. Email us with your requests and we’ll tell you the details.

We also have gift vouchers and our lovely Rioja wines available, with gift boxes if you like, for unique Christmas presents for the hispanophiles in your life. We can also access some speciality Spanish ingredients if you want to stuff your turkey with chorizo for example but do feel free to ask.

As always, we’ll be closed between Christmas and New Year, re-opening on Wednesday January 4th.

Swindon – City of Sanctury

Swindon – City of Sanctuary

Los Gatos is proud to have been one of the first businesses in Swindon to sign up to support “Swindon – City of Sanctuary.” This group, linked to the national City of Sanctuary movement, aims to develop networks in our town to welcome refugees and asylum seekers who end up here, far from home, because of war, persecution or hunger. Since becoming a supporter, we have helped a group of refugees develop a pop-up restaurant (a great success and will pop up again in February – watch this space.)

We’re now offering a “Sanctuary Tapa” each week on our specials board, which will feature a recipe from a refugee with all proceeds going to the Harbour Project, a local charity which offers new visitors language, social, legal, occupational, psychological and employment support, as well as friendship, advice and hope.

Individuals, schools, businesses or community groups of any size or type can find out more and pledge their support at or .


Classic Paella

Served on a Sunday.

Paella is a Spanish rice dish that includes different combinations of vegetables and meats, characteristically seasoned with saffron, but also has other spices depending on the recipe and area in Spain it comes from.


The Finest Chefs

Our food is cooked by passionate cooks whether that is established professionals, aspiring gastronomers or amazing amateurs. What we deliver is good honest food, unique recipes that are made by people who want to for you and share their love of cooking.